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Latest from the Business Law Blog

  • A Creditor’s Guide to Bankruptcy
    Written by
    Bankruptcy is difficult for a debtor, but did you know it can also be complicated for creditors? While big creditors have sophisticated processes for dealing with bankrupt customers, small businesses are often the ones left out. As soon as a customer files bankruptcy, there are several key steps you should…
  • Location, Location, Location...and Zoning
    Written by
    Location is critical to the success of your business. You probably already know to consider visibility, convenience, and traffic patterns when deciding where to locate. But you may not know there's another element to consider: zoning. Zoning laws limit the ways you can use property located in that area. Zoning…

Latest from the Estate Planning Blog

  • Changing or Revoking Your Will
    Written by
    It’s a smart idea to begin estate planning early. Hopefully, you won’t need that estate plan for many years to come. In the meantime, lots of things can change and you may find yourself wanting to make changes to your will along with them. Before you get out a red…
  • Trust Management By Committee: Should I Make My Children Co-Trustees?
    Written by
    Most people name themselves (and/or their spouse) as the initial trustees of their living trust. You'll need to name successor trustees to manage the trust when you're no longer able to. Since a successor trustee should be someone you trust, many people choose a child. But what happens if you…

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