Epiphany Law - A Different Law Firm
Fees - Think Differently
Us: We offer flat fees, success fees, contingent fees, and value billing among other billing options. We have an incentive to invest in technology, people, systems and processes to produce a superior product in the most efficient manner. We do not nickel and dime clients.
Them: They only bill by the hour, which rewards the attorney for wasted time and inefficiency. They bill for e-mails, phone calls, mileage, copies, computer aided legal research (who doesn't use computers nowadays!), as well as bottled water, dry cleaning and bathroom use – if they can.
Values - Feel Differently
Us: We live our values. Trust is our number 1 value. We do not work with individuals we do not trust, nor those who do not trust us. We have other values – like celebrating good people, punishing bad people, personal accountability, hard work and service. Only you won't find our values on a plaque in the lobby. You will see them through our actions.
Them: The only spots you will see their values on display are on their website or a dusty plaque in the front lobby. They will do anything – and work with anyone – who has the money to pay for "justice." They justify and excuse bad behavior rather than calling a spade a spade. They are more interested in advancing their financial wealth than humanity as a whole.
Best Practices - Be Treated Differently
Us: We have our cell phone numbers on our cards. We do not screen calls. We answer the phone when you call. If not, phone calls are returned the same day if possible; otherwise within 24 hours. Same thing with e-mails – same day response; otherwise within 24 hours. We deliver superior product on time and on budget – as promised.
Them: They screen your call if you're not the "biggest fish." They see themselves – and discussion of the Packer game with their buddy – as more important than you. There is always an excuse as to why the project took longer than expected. Billing statements are always a surprise with more excuses as to why it cost more than promised.

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