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Latest from the Business Law Blog

  • How to Get Paid on an Overdue Bill
    Written by
    A reality of doing business is that, at some point, you'll have a customer who can't or won't pay their bill. Which approach is best depends on the situation, the customer and your overall goals. A contractor's first and best option is a construction (mechanic's) lien. The best way to…
  • A Creditor’s Guide to Bankruptcy
    Written by
    Bankruptcy is difficult for a debtor, but did you know it can also be complicated for creditors? While big creditors have sophisticated processes for dealing with bankrupt customers, small businesses are often the ones left out. As soon as a customer files bankruptcy, there are several key steps you should…

Latest from the Estate Planning Blog

  • Now or Later? Leaving Wealth to Family
    Written by
    Many people who intend to leave their wealth to children and grandchildren assume they can only do so when they pass away. The problem with a traditional inheritance is that you won’t be around to see your family enjoy it. Sometimes, you may want to help out a family member…
  • When do I need a probate attorney?
    Written by
    When a loved one names you as the administrator of their estate, it’s a sign that they trust you and believe you’ll carry out their wishes. Unfortunately, even the best administrators can find themselves overwhelmed by the probate process. The probate process comes with its own set of rules and…

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