Christopher G. Klingman

Chris’ practice includes complex civil litigation, business law, and real estate law. Chris brings a breadth of experience, depth of knowledge, and desire to help his clients reach their goals. Chris believes the key to being an effective lawyer is to educate his clients after clearly understanding their objectives, help them identify options, and let them chose how to proceed. Being an advocate means getting yourself out of the way as an attorney and fighting for your clients’s goals.  .


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Juris Doctorate (magna cum laude)
North Carolina Central University

Undergrad in English Writing
University of Pittsburgh


Whitewater kayaking, Camping, Hiking, Board & Card Games


Chris lives in Appleton with his wife and son.

Questions & Answers

I’ve had several careers.  After college, I worked for a public works department, apprenticed at a printer, held an outside sales job, worked in higher education, and ended up working for a bank.  I worked in the branches and on the corporate side in the Trust Department.  I grew and flourished in that career, but it was when I was volunteering in the community that I found a need that I just couldn’t fulfill with my skill set.  I’ve always believed that when it comes to community, that rising tides float all boats.  I saw things from a larger perspective, and I wanted to help people on a larger scale.  That’s when I decided to go back to school and pursue Law as a profession.  Now I have the skills to help individuals, businesses, and community organizations plan for, and deal with, the unexpected.  My practice goal is to make the community stronger with each interaction, and I take that very seriously.

My life and professional experiences taught me the importance of looking out for my client’s interests.  Take the example of two world-renowned chefs who each ordered a crate of 100 limes.  They get to the wholesaler and there is only one crate of 100 limes.   They get their lawyers involved, and they argue all the reasons that each is entitled to the crate.  Their attorneys focus on their clients’ “position” and settle the matter by agreeing to 50 limes each.  But if they had just talked about “interests”, they’d have learned that one wanted to make limeade with the pulp, and the other wanted to bake with the rinds.  Each party could have had all of what they wanted, instead of half.  Sometimes you need someone who can argue your position, but I also see the value of looking out for your interests.  My strategic vision for each client and my ability to deliver results that go beyond a simple legal outcome are what set me apart.

Managing a bank provided me with insight into the day-to-day financial needs and concerns of both business owners and consumers.  I learned to take the time to learn about my clients, their interests, and their needs.  I was able to effectively craft custom solutions to their business and personal needs.  I differentiate myself as an attorney by bringing that experience to my relationships with my clients, and combining with high quality legal representation.