Heather Macklin

Heather J. Macklin

For nearly 20 years, Heather has focused her practice on complex commercial litigation. She has represented clients from a broad spectrum of industries, including financial institutions, luxury good retailers, real estate developers and small, closely held corporations.

She has extensive litigation experience in a wide variety of legal disputes, including trademark infringement, copyright infringement, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and non-compete agreements to enforcement of intellectual property rights, fraud and insurance coverage.

Heather understands that corporations are not in the business of litigation, but sometimes litigation is unavoidable.  When commercial disputes do arise, she believes in a pro-active, focused and well-prepared strategy, designed with the goal of finding a practical and economic resolution, so her clients can quickly get back to their primary business objectives. When early resolution cannot be achieved, however, she will diligently and aggressively represent her clients’ best interests.



Juris Doctorate 
University of Chicago,  Chicago, IL

Bachelors of Arts in English (Writing) and Speech Communications, summa cum laude
North Central College, Naperville, IL


Sports, including softball/baseball, golf, running, volleyball and working out, reading, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends


Married to Rob Macklin and mom to Dax and Kate.

Questions & Answers

Legal issues are legal issues, wherever they arise, whether in the Fox Valley or in Chicago. Practicing law in the Fox Valley, however, allows me to work more directly with the people who are legitimately and realistically impacted by everyday legal issues – the people who created, built and are actively maintaining their businesses.  I’m able to use the experience and knowledge I gained from twenty years of practicing litigation in Chicago to help local business owners resolve disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

I have always enjoyed mysteries/puzzles, learning about new things and problem-solving.  Litigation really plays into all three of these interests.  A big part of litigating is finding all the pieces of a puzzle – through meeting with the client, asking questions, reviewing documents and analyzing the opposing side’s position – and putting them back together in a way that allows me to tell my client’s story in a way that best protects their rights.  As part of this process, I get to learn about many different businesses and industries that I might never otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to.  I also get to research the law relating to each unique matter and figure out how it applies to the facts of the case.  Ultimately, I get to use my knowledge and experience to help business clients solve what are often, to them, scary and uncertain problems in an unfamiliar landscape.  I love putting the puzzle together, developing the legal arguments that will best support my client’s position and helping them to resolve those occasional disputes that take them away from their real business objectives.

I enjoy playing golf and volleyball, coaching my daughter’s softball team, running, spending time with friends and family, traveling, eating good food and discovering great wines.  When I have some quiet moments, I enjoy reading, catching up on TV shows and watching the Chicago Cubs.