Attorney Kevin L. Eismann

Kevin L. Eismann

Kevin Eismann brings a unique, multi-point perspective to his clients because he has owned a multitude of businesses, in addition to being a business law and legacy attorney. Kevin enjoys building comprehensive strategies with his clients that allow them to reach their personal and business goals and dreams. Kevin has been providing business owners practical, cost effective solutions for over 20 years.

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Juris Doctorate with Honors
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Master of Business Administration
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Exit Planning Institute – Chicago, IL


Hunting, skiing, hiking, canoeing, construction and remodeling.


Married to Linda Eismann and father of 5 boys: Eddie, Zachary, Elijah, Isaiah and Levi.

Questions & Answers

No. I have met a lot of “dumb” well-educated folks and a lot of “smart” folks who have little or no education. While education can be extremely helpful, simply having an education does not guarantee that you will have value as a legal consultant or that you will be successful in life. Using education to provide practical, cost-effective and useful business advice is where I excel. In today’s legal environment, that is a rare asset.

When I started in the practice of business law, I received the following advice from another lawyer, “To be successful, you don’t need to know business, you only need to know the law.” That bit of “wisdom” is foolish. The reality is that owning businesses has exposed me to the multitude of issues that business owners face on a daily basis. Sometimes legal issues are the most important; sometimes they are not. The reality is that the true talent of an advisor is in understanding not only the legal issues but also how the legal issues fit into the business as a whole.

I think raising five boys is about as much fun as is humanly possible. We enjoy hunting, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, skateboarding, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, judo and boxing. This, in turn, has allowed my wife and me to expand our knowledge of treating scrapes, cuts, bruises, abrasions, concussions and broken bones. What could be more fun?