Kevin M. Lastres

Kevin’s practice focuses on litigation and business transactions.

As a litigator, Kevin helps clients resolve conflicts in and out of court, including in negotiations and mediation.  He has litigated business and personal disputes in courts across the state and beyond, and represented clients in every phase of litigation.  He has successfully appealed trial court rulings to reverse rulings against his clients and defended victories on appeal.

As business transactions attorney, Kevin helps clients start, grow, buy and sell businesses.  He has helped clients form businesses, do business, buy businesses, sell businesses, invest in businesses, and offer investments in their businesses to others.



Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Doctor of Law (J.D.)
Certificate in Advocacy

Loyola University of Chicago
Bachelor of Arts in History (B.A.)
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (B.A.)
Criminal Justice minor


Long walks and reading.

Questions & Answers

I like helping people and businesses resolve their conflicts, grow and succeed, so I like being part of a business law firm where I can concentrate on business law and litigation.

“Litigation” means taking a case to court for a judge or jury to decide.  Litigators focus on helping their clients resolve conflicts using the court system.  However, talking to a litigation attorney does not mean you have to go to court.   Litigators can help you decide whether you need to sue to have your legal rights recognized and respected.  We resolve many conflicts outside of court by mediation, arbitration, or other settlement.

Litigating cases shows me what can go wrong with a deal.   I use that knowledge to inform the contracts I write and when I advise clients about business deals.  I like helping my clients learn from other people’s mistakes so they don’t make them themselves.

Writing contracts shows me the best ways to explain what each party promises to do, and what happens if they don’t keep their promise.  Any conflict that ends with a settlement really ends with a contract between the parties, and writing other contracts helps me write the best settlements for my clients.