Why Epiphany Law chose to partner with Lemonade Stand Economics

At Epiphany Law, we work with many entrepreneurs regarding legal issues. Whether it be writing or reviewing contracts, estate planning, employment law issues or straightforward legal advice about starting a new business, that’s what we do. What does our affinity for entrepreneurs have to do with Lemonade Stand Economics? I will tell you.

At Epiphany Law, we pride ourselves on being different. We are as skilled and talented as any lawyers you’ll find (I’d like to think more so), but we are different in our approach, in our attitude. We are real people who are knowledgeable about the law. We are not stuffy and uptight and will not drown you in legalese. We are different. This works well because as a whole, entrepreneurs and business owners are different. They think differently, they value different things.

Lemonade Stand Economics is different too. The vision is as simple as this. In the world of “make easy money” Lemonade Stand Economics introduces a radical idea. Work hard, work smart and pay for college with money you earn. If a student works, earns a substantial amount of money and pays for school semester by semester, no loans are necessary. It’s a concept totally contrary to current popular thinking, but it’s just that simple.

I’ve read Lemonade Stand Economics and I love the book. It’s written for real life and every teenager would benefit from reading it. College is important but also expensive. This book is focused on paying your way through college-it’s not about avoiding college. It’s about nurturing a new generation of educated, take charge entrepreneurs ready and willing to impact the world by first impacting their own financial well-being.

At Epiphany Law, we know there is nothing more exciting than encouraging young people – especially those brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. We are proud to partner with Lemonade Stand Economics to encourage student’s ideas and develop the latest and greatest group of young entrepreneurs.

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