Exit Planning: It Takes a Team

Exit Planning is very comprehensive.  Accordingly, several key players must be involved including your financial advisor, CPA, banker, insurance professional, business broker, or investment banker and attorney.  When selecting your team of advisors it is important to identify players that will work well together and will be able to help with any of the issues in a comprehensive plan.  No one person or advisor has the expertise to design a comprehensive plan.

This may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  Epiphany Law will take the “quarterback” position and will proactively manage the process and communicate with business owner as well as all the other key team members. Developing a plan is as critical as sticking with a plan. The Exit Planning “quarterback” must make sure that all the team players meet timelines and deliverables.

Exit Planning requires time and dedication but with the proper team put in place, you will maximize your company’s value as well as ensure that all business and personal objectives are achieved.

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