Exit Planning is the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan to provide an owner the option of exiting their business on their terms and for the price they desire for the next stage of life. As certified exit planners, Epiphany Law uses an owner-focused, targeted approach that will identify business needs and opportunities that will result in meeting both your personal and business goals.

Benefits of Exit Planning:

  • Articulate and align your personal, business and financial goals
  • Maximize business value
  • Minimize taxes
  • Identify and capitalize on timing opportunities
  • Control the exit

Who should have an Exit Plan?

The simple answer is all business owners should have an exit plan. Sometimes “life happens” or the unexpected occurs and exit timing may be different than originally planned.  Creating an exit plan will make you aware of the many moving parts that will ultimately impact your company’s valuation. Building and implementing an exit strategy will accelerate your business value and position you to exit on your terms.