Epiphany Law’s comprehensive Business Succession Plan is the design and implementation of highly specialized trust documents used to develop a business owner’s individual succession plan. The plan includes:

  • Ownership Succession;
  • Leadership Succession; and
  • A Contingency/Emergency Plan

The vast majority of small business owners in the United States are never able to monetize the value of their business.  In other words, they are never able to “transition” their business successfully.  Here is a small sample of reasons this disturbing trend is occurring:

  • Business owners don’t know the true value of their business.
  • Business owners don’t understand the importance of having a plan before it is needed.
  • Business owners don’t know the tools available for successfully transferring a business.
  • Business owners hold on too long.
  • Business owners don’t take the time to plan ahead.
  • Business owners don’t know all the options available to them.

As you complete this process, we expect the knowledge you gain and the peace of mind you achieve will be a welcomed state.