Understanding the value of your business is critical for proper business planning and achieving personal goals. Completing a Business Valuation on a regular basis allows you to manage and measure value growth. A quality report will also list your value drivers – the items on which you should focus to achieve value growth.  Even if you’re not considering exiting your business for years, knowing that the value of your business is the amount someone will pay for your business, will keep your end goal in mind.

Why you should know what your business is valued at:

  • To gain a better understanding of your business and its potential
  • To identify value drivers and their input on your business
  • For a comparison to other businesses in your industry
  • To set a baseline value for the business to then evaluate growth
  • To ensure that your business is protected
  • For shareholder or partnership disputes
  • For exit planning purposes

An Epiphany Law attorney who specializes in risk management, value creation and exit planning is here to assist you.

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