Epiphany offers one of the Valley’s most experienced Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Teams. Epiphany M&A closes several transactions a year, with 2018 transactions totaling over $100 Million in enterprise value. Transaction structure includes asset and equity purchases and sales, vertical mergers, horizontal mergers, and  consolidations. Epiphany M&A offers strategy, execution and integration in Buy-Side Services, Sell-Side Services, Valuations, and its unique Reverse Due Diligence offering.

Whether you are buying or selling, working with our experienced  Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys will help to ensure a successful outcome and simplify an inevitably stressful and overwhelming process. Our team advises not only on the legal terms of your agreements but offers guidance in considering business or financial issues that can impact the purchase price or maximize cash in pocket. Our team will also guide you throughout the process, which generally includes:

  • Letter of Intent:  Help to set yourself up for a successful transaction by negotiating key points during the courting stage. Also watch out for binding…
  • Due diligence
  • Definitive Agreement:  Expertise and practical negotiation on a package that will minimize the risk to sellers or help buyers identify areas of potential risk. Know what the market expects.
  • Equity Rollover
  • Post-Closing Agreements like continued employment, etc.
  • Working Capital:  Ensuring that you don’t leave money in the business.

In the course of representing buyers and sellers in a wide variety of deals, we know the common issues that can act as a roadblock to a successful closing. Reverse Due Diligence allows us to dive into your business before a buyer does.  We review contracts, financial statements, employment matters, corporate matters, environmental matters, and more—to identify areas of deficiency and develop a plan to deal with challenging issues head on. The other side will attribute great value to the proactive approach, which can translate into real dollars for you.

Understanding that each deal is unique, we take the time to learn and understand your business and objectives. We talk about how your business functions financially and how to use that to your advantage. We know how to minimize your post-closing risk.  And we act as a guide and counselor, moving the transaction forward to get you to closing. Selecting Epiphany Mergers and Acquisitions Team as your transaction attorney translates into real dollars for you; demonstrating that YOU understand the value of expertise. That perception will carry over to all aspects of the transaction.

Epiphany M&A supplements services with other Epiphany Law team members in the areas of:

The following testimonials summarize clients’ experiences with our services:

Can’t say enough about how awesome the Epiphany Law team was during the sale of our Company! If you are looking to transition out of your business this is the team to help. They were interested solely in our success. I have struggled with all previous legal counsel to understand my unique needs. 

Trust me when I say Epiphany Law is “different” from other law firms. Purchasing a business is a significant decision. It’s absolutely critical that you’re working with an experienced M&A attorney to help ensure the transaction goes smoothly and successfully.  The Attorneys at Epiphany Law were a God-send!

Call today to understand how we can help you as a Buyer or Seller to accomplish your M&A goals.