Ensuring Your Business Makes Its Mark

What’s in a name? Everything! The amount of time, effort and dollars you will spend in establishing the name of your company, product or service will be staggering. While it may not show on a balance sheet, your product and service names are enormously valuable to your company.

It should be a crime for a competitor to ride on the coattails of your good name, but it generally isn’t. That is, unless you have taken the appropriate legal steps to protect your name.

How Epiphany Law Can Help

The steps your business needs to take to properly protect itself will depend upon the type of trademarks your business uses and how they are used. While the process may seem complicated, working with a knowledgeable business law attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected to the fullest extent.

Epiphany Law has the expertise to assist your business in protecting its trademarks. As the value of your business’s intellectual property continues to grow, it becomes increasingly more critical that you take proactive steps to register and protect your company’s name, products and services. Working with Epiphany Law will help ensure your protection and your peace of mind.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a trademark? 
A: A trademark is a symbol, picture or word that a business uses to identify its products or services.  Coca-Cola®, Ford® and McDonald’s® are some common examples.

Q: What will happen if I fail to take steps to protect my trademark? 
A: Failing to take proactive steps to protect your trademark often means that your business will lose its exclusive rights in the trademark. Moreover, if you fail to properly register your trademark, others will be more likely to steal your name or design. Finally, when someone does steal your name, you will have a more difficult time recovering any damages without a federal registration.

Q: Should I use an Internet company to register my trademark?
A: The Internet is a powerful tool. However it cannot replace an experienced business attorney when filing your trademark application. You need a real, live business attorney to meet with you personally, to analyze your unique needs and to provide the appropriate solution.

Q: Can any attorney help me? 
A: The practice of law is extremely diverse and complicated. If your current law firm focuses on divorce, personal injury or criminal law, you are probably working with the wrong lawyer for trademark registration. Only work with a knowledgeable business attorney for protection of your trademark.