Ensuring a Legally Sound Web Presence

A company’s website can be a powerful revenue producer if used correctly.  However, if you fail to pay attention to the legal details of your website, it can also become an incredible liability when you are sued.

Website designers are generally creative artists.  However, website designers are usually very, very bad attorneys.  Thus, while your site may be pretty and functional, most websites we review are deficient from a legal perspective.  Those deficiencies can produce costly legal repercussions.

How Epiphany Law Can Help

Epiphany Law helps clients conduct legal reviews of the component pieces of their website.  Such reviews are generally conducted at the time of website inception and then on an annual basis.

Our knowledgeable attorneys will assist you with reviewing your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use/Service.  We will also ensure that all copyright and trademark designations are up to date and correct.  Finally, we counsel clients on the proper use of intellectual property to ensure your IP is protected and other’s IP is not infringed.

Questions & Answers

Q: What should be in my Privacy Policy?
A: While there is a bit of legal magic when it comes to a Privacy Policy, ultimately, your Privacy Policy needs to accurately reflect your privacy practice.  The biggest mistakes we see are when businesses are not doing what they promise they are doing in their Privacy Policy.

Q: How about my Terms of Service?
A: That will depend upon what your website looks like.  If your website is simply a web billboard, your Terms of Use will be relatively short.  If you will be providing goods or services through your website, you’re going to need substantially more.  In that case, ensure you address guarantees, payment terms, agreement term and termination, among other things.

Q: Can’t I just take the legal stuff from another website?
A: If we disregard the fact that you are likely committing copyright infringement, yes you could simply pick blindly from another website.  That would be similar to throwing a dart at a phone book to pick your future bride.  It might be successful, but the odds are against you.  The better alternative is to work with an experienced business attorney at Epiphany Law.