Contract disputes are among the most common business litigation issues.  Nearly every business situation involves some type of contract, and disputes can arise in an infinite number of ways.  Contract litigation can be fairly straightforward or it can be extremely convoluted.

Epiphany Law’s commercial litigators have handled countless contract disputes ranging from simple to complex.  We have successfully represented clients across a broad spectrum of cases, from local Mom and Pop service contracts to multi-million dollar commercial disputes involving international companies.

Common Types of Contracts Disputes in Business include:

    • Partnership disputes
    • Issues with payments
    • Employee violations (noncompete or nondisclosure agreements)
    • Issue with delivery of goods or service
    • Disagreement with vendors

If someone fails to live up to their contractual promises, whether those promises were made in writing or verbally, Epiphany Law can help.  Whether your rights have been violated or you have been accused of breaching your contractual obligations, our attorneys will vigorously represent you throughout the proceedings, while always seeking an economical and effective resolution.

Epiphany Law’s attorneys have experience representing clients with respect to contracts involving all manner of commercial matters, ranging from construction and real estate to insurance, partnerships and financing arrangements, and everything in between.