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If you want control over your own destiny, then consider the wisdom of estate planning. Some may feel that estate planning is only for the “rich and famous.” That is simply untrue. Estate planning is necessary for everyone.

Just as every person is unique, no two estate plans are the same. A young married couple will want to determine a guardian for their minor child. An older couple may need tax planning. Others may wish to ensure privacy or make a gift to a local charity.

Estate planning is the process of planning for the inevitable. It guides what happens when you are unable to act for yourself due to death or disability. Only through careful planning and preparation with an experienced Epiphany Law attorney will you achieve success in your estate plan. Our estate planning attorneys provide legal expertise and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Estate Planning – Ensuring Your Legacy

Wills vs. Trusts

Revocable Living Trusts – A Powerful Estate-Planning Tool

Lifetime Gifts

The Role of Life Insurance

Titling of Assets

Beneficiary Designations

Irrevocable Trusts

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Elder Law

Asset Protection Planning – Careful Planning Pays Off

Pet Trust Planning

Probate – Transitioning After the Loss of a Loved One

Real Estate – Protecting Your Greatest Investment