Reasons to Outsource Your General Counsel

Put simply, Outsourced General Counsel is an extension of your team. Like an in-house general counsel, an outsourced general counsel is a business’ chief lawyer or legal advisor. And other than the fact they don’t typically work ON the premises of your business, an outsourced general counsel really owns the same duties and responsibilities of an in-house counsel. Those duties and responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the identification and oversight of all legal issues across the company and its various departments, as well as the provision of key advice to the business’ key decision-maker

Outsourced general counsel services solves business’ needs  by providing a cost-effective solution way to have an experience closer to the in-house model while also getting a broader knowledge base.

Some of the key reasons to consider outsourcing your general counsel include:

  • Fixed Budget and No Surprise Legal Bills – your business’ legal budget for next year does not need to be a guess. When outsourcing your general counsel, you know, with certainty, what you will spend next year on legal services.
  • Responsive Service – Your outsourced general counsel will become an integral part of your team. Fr example, contracts can be reviewed before signed, HR questions can be discussed, and HR policies would always be up to date in one flat rate.
  • Proactive Risk Management – Imagine having your attorney on speed dial, for answers to issues before they become problems. Imagine being proactive rather than reactive. Being proactive ultimately saves time and money.

Typically clients who utilize Epiphany Law’s outsourced general counsel services develop a close relationship with one attorney but have access to all attorneys in the firm to handle specialized needs. The close relationship ensures priority service and the backing of the firm ensures broader expertise.

An outsourced general counsel will protect your company and ensure your business is staying on the right side of the law.

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