Technology presents a host of issues for all companies. Technology Law practice area involves technology and intellectual property, including joint development projects, collaboration agreements, IP licensing, and other strategic agreements.  Having lawyers familiar with the legal issue in the technology space is critical to your success. Epiphany Law’s Technology team provides comprehensive services that address the business issues and opportunities facing all companies that use technology – whether it’s a core part of your business or not.


How Epiphany Law Can Help:

Corporate Transactions: including debt and equity offerings both public and private, M&A, joint ventures, strategic transactions

Innovation: including joint development agreements, development agreements, IP protection, license agreements

Complex Commercial Contracting: software licensing and implementation, drafting and negotiation of supply and sales agreements, commercial contracting processes, NDA issues, JV and development agreements

Regulatory and Compliance: data protection, GDPR & CA data privacy issues, retention and destruction, investigations, and training

Intellectual Property Matters: including trademark filing, trademark and trade dress disputes, licensing, and litigation