We’re Growing – Proudly Introducing Epiphany Law’s New Partnership Team

Epiphany Law is proud to be “Just Different.” We’ve never operated like a traditional law firm. Instead, we’ve always taken steps to make sure the firm’s and client’s incentives are aligned. Epiphany Law’s mission is to help families, business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We’re proud to announce our partnership team is growing. This growth will better empower Epiphany Law to live out our mission.

Epiphany Law is now co-owned by attorneys Kevin Eismann, Katie Blom, Heather Macklin and Rob Macklin. All attorneys are equal partners in the practice and share ownership responsibilities. Over the last 15 years, Epiphany has proven to be an innovative leader in serving the business community and individuals in northeast Wisconsin.

Kevin Eismann explains, “Epiphany Law started as a boutique firm, giving us the flexibility to offer our clients more time and attention. We took a different approach than the other, big law firms. We created genuine partnerships with our clients and worked together to achieve their business goals. None of that has, or will change. But, over the past 15 years, the business community has changed. It’s evolved. There’s more talent, better technology and stiffer competition. We’ve evolved too. Epiphany Law’s new partnership model gives our clients more options and resources. It better empowers our clients to succeed in today’s business landscape.”

Meet the Partners

Rob Macklin 

Rob Macklin has over 20 years of experience offering businesses top-notch legal service and practical, actionable advice. Rob started with Epiphany Law in July of 2019 and in his previous roles he served as General Counsel to several successful companies, ranging from $5 million to $1 billion in global revenue. In addition, Rob took time from his legal career to serve with the US Navy as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, running intelligence operations for SEAL Team 8. As a trained lawyer, small business owner and Department of Defense certified interrogator, Rob’s diverse skill set can help you navigate any challenge your business may face.

Heather Macklin

Heather Macklin is an experienced commercial litigator and joined Epiphany Law in 2018. Over the last 20 years, Heather has represented clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including financial institutions, construction, real estate developers and small, closely held corporations. Heather understands that corporations are not in the business of litigation, but sometimes litigation is unavoidable.  When commercial disputes do arise, she believes in a pro-active, focused and well-prepared strategy, designed with the goal of finding a practical and economic resolution, so her clients can quickly get back to their primary business objectives. When early resolution cannot be achieved, however, she will diligently and aggressively represent her clients’ best interests.

Kathryn Blom

Katie Blom is a business attorney and trusted legal adviser and has served as a partner at Epiphany Law since 2013. Katie has a proven track record of putting her clients in the best position possible and she enjoys the challenge of using her legal skills to help clients achieve their goals. A large portion of Katie’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions as well as business transition planning. Katie has been an essential part of Epiphany Law’s success in the past and in her new role, she will ensure Epiphany Law continues to live out its mission and values while pursuing excellence.

Attorney Kevin L. Eismann

 Kevin Eismann is the founding partner at Epiphany Law. As a business owner, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, as well as an attorney, he brings a unique, multi-point perspective to his clients that’s invaluable. Kevin enjoys building comprehensive strategies that protect his client’s long-term best interests. Kevin understands the true talent of an advisor is in understanding not only the legal issues, but also how the legal issues fit into the business as a whole.  Kevin’s approach to the law has set Epiphany apart from other, traditional law firms. As Epiphany Law continues to grow and evolve, Kevin’s vision for superior client service will remain the same.

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